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Tattoo Consultation Form
Our artists generally price based off: sizing, placement, style, design, and where the tattoo is done. 
You are being quoted for the design and details you're submitting.
If you change the design  AFTER booking or getting a quote, you will be quoted/charged according to the new design or alterations.

1- Be absolutely specific on where on the body you want the tattoo.
Instead of "arm" try:
  "forearm", "wrist", "bicep", "inner ankle" etc.

2- Size matters -- give your best estimate in inches OR a standard size object
(such as a #2 pencil, dollar bill, etc)

3- For your references - specify what changes are being made. ("only lines, blue instead of purple, etc)
Please include pictures of your cover-up, if you have one.
If there are multiple people wanting a tattoo, please submit a separate form for each person.

To prevent communication issues, we do not provide quotes or appointments for friends or family through your own inquiry.
If you have friends who would like to get tattooed, they will need to submit their own form.
This will ensure all parties are able to communicate effectively. 

I would like an appointment with:
Please select the statement that applies best to you:
Will we be tattooing on/near any of the following? If yes, check all that apply.
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Please allow a moment for the page to redirect after submission. 

If your submission is successful, you will be redirected to a new confirmation page.

If you do not get redirected, your inquiry may not have been received.

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