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Terms of service & shop etiquette

In order to complete your payment and secure your appointment with our studio (Angel Tattoo - Tampa); we

require that you read through and consent to the terms of booking and shop conduct.

When making an appointment for your tattoo, you will be given a quote depending on the complexity of the pattern, style, and design. We will contact you to make any other changes if needed. In other cases, the modifications will be made, if necessary, on the day.


We do not specifically charge you for the drawing, however, we require that you pay a non-refundable deposit before the artist starts to draw anything. The artist is taking time to create this drawing for you for the sole purpose of the design being tattooed on your person. You will not own the drawing, even if you pay a deposit. The drawing will always remain the property of the artist.

The deposits are:


  • Are only valid for a 3 month period and per session

  • Applicable to one tattoo session each​

Cancellations & Rescheduling

The deposit is always non-refundable. It's your responsibility to be sure you're available on the day/time-slot you commit to. The deposit covers the time spent messaging, consulting, and researching done by the artist and staff prior to your appointment. Tattooers are providing a service and craft -- so you will still be charged the initial deposit should you:

1.) Do not show for your appointment or are late more than 15 minutes without letting your artist or staff know

2.) Fail to stay in contact with us for more than 90 days .

3.) You reschedule without the artist's consent. (Rescheduling is only reserved for extenuating circumstances and within a reasonable time frame.)

4.) Change your initial design on the day of your appointment without the artist’s ok.

5.) Personality conflict(s) - should you or our artist have conflict(s) due to personality or art issues, your artist may fire you as a client. In which case, it is up to them to decide on a refund or not. See shop etiquette.

As we are not providing a product, we do not provide refunds for tattoos once our artist have begun and completed tattooing you. This includes tattoos done in one or more sessions. There is no way for our team to get the materials, inks, time, or tattoo back from you once it's been completed or started; so no refunds.


We are a professional business and our artists are providing you a service. By booking with us (for piercings or tattoos), you agree to behave appropriately.


  • While in the studio you are expected to not eat or drink in the studio. You are here to get a service; not have brunch. The only exception is bottled or capped water. If you spill any fluids on any portfolios or work, you are responsible.

  • Be courteous - do not play your music out loud or speak on the phone while you are inside. This includes snapchatting or Facetiming. The shop isn't big and sound travels far! We don't want to speak over your phone calls to provide aftercare instructions to other clients.

  • Loitering - If you are not here to get tattooed or pierced or buy something, you cannot hang out in the lobby without permission. We're not a club, so please do not treat us like one.

  • Good hygiene is a must; if you lack proper hygiene, our artists can ask you to leave and/or reschedule until the issue is addressed.

  • Follow staff instructions- do not ignore staff instructions or paperwork. We don't like bossing you around, but we need you to follow instructions to ensure everything goes smoothly for your piercing and tattoos!

  • No animals in the studio - we cannot have any animals in the studio due to the nature of the industry. We deal with bloodborne fluids and pathogens; we cannot have fur or other vectors for contamination in our studio.

  • Only the person getting tattooed or pierced is allowed in the technical rooms. Our artists are providing you a service; we are not performers or zoo animals for entertainment. We need to focus on our craft and ensure there are no distractions or liabilities.


Tattooing specifically requires a lot of communication. As a client, you are expected to be the one communicating for your tattoos. You alone are your voice and you must be able to discuss your tattoo with our artist(s) to ensure they prep everything and design everything as agreed by both parties. For this reason, we no longer provide quote for your friend(s) or others besides yourself. If you cannot email or fill out a form for a tattoo for yourself, someone else shouldn't be doing it for you. There are no middle-men in tattooing; so please communicate directly to us and not through friends or loved ones.

If you fail to communicate something to our artist; we hold you accountable. If something is wrong; please speak up! Likewise if something isn't right, our artist is also expected to speak up. Assumptions are a dangerous thing and it can result in design flaws or misunderstandings.

While communicating to our team you are expected to be respectful and reasonable. Again, we are providing you a craft and skill that we've spent years perfecting and improving upon. Do not belittle our team, threaten, disrespect, or cause any conflict with our artists by being unreasonable or belligerent.


We do not tolerate (but not limited to): Argue pricing/haggling, sexual harassment, discrimination, abuse, slurs, violence, threats, illegal drug use, use of weapons, blackmail and extortion, or use of intimidating or threatening behavior. This applies to all our staff as well as other clients.

Our team has every right to fire you as a client should you at any point cause any issues for our artists or clients. If you are belligerent and disrespectful to our staff, they have every right to refuse service at any time. Our artists have every right to decline service for any project or person(s) for any reason, with or without etiquette issues.

If you are fired as a client or kicked out of the shop; you are not welcome back.

If you are removed or asked to leave the shop due to disruptive or any behavior described above, you may be placed on trespass notice should you refuse to disengage. The safety of our staff and clients is of the utmost importance to us.

By paying for your deposit, you agree to have read through these terms and etiquette in full.

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